Monday, August 3, 2015

Mexican Dance

Saw beautiful Mexican Dance outside of St. Anne de Detroit church. These happened after the mass mot at the same church. It was hot but the Dancers are doing their job great!!

                      I love watching dances from other countries. As a Filipino-American I brought my heritage here too it just that I haven't show case our native Dance yet. ^_^
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It Got Broke

Frankly, speaking I need this right now. Our weekend was very hectic since Saturday. But early morning of Saturday I check my social media accounts, my emails and all that when I accidentally put my elbow on my computer drawer and guess what happened? Well it got broke and my computer drawer and my keyboard together they fell. I didn't know that computer drawer is heavy it landed on my foot!! Geez! Anyhow, yes a 36 inch Drawer Slides  is the one hubby is looking to fix my computer table.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Heart Macro

                                                              Reaching for the Sky

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I found this barn up north (Michigan). Love the three Silos because they are in different colors but the blue Silo stands tall and huge compare to the two other Silos. I bet the old one is the brown color on top. This is a drive by shooting so  wish I could take photos up close and personal with these beautiful barn. But would the owner would allow it hehe maybe yes maybe not.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Translucent Bottle Openers

     I found this beautiful American Flag Double Dome Translucent Bottle Openers online and it just makes my senses jump. Well, last July 4th of all the food, festivities going on what you think was not in the list a bottle opener. Yes, we could  not find one bottle opener anywhere. We ended up buying one but not worth the money it was a bit pricey but for me with this bottle opener I bet it just do the same purpose. Now these one is super cheap and it looks so beautiful and  I so love the US flag on it. Got to buy these for gifts I have many baby, bridal, birthday party invitation this bottle opener is one stuff to put inside a gift bag, for sure!