Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pocket Letters

Just two weeks ago I stumbled this fad #PocketLetters and I do like it. Well I started immediately get some supplies and as non crafter I started with scissor and ruler lol!! Anyhow, I accumulated a lot since then I couldn't imagine I was so quick in getting many of the stuff needed to make a pocket letters. So here are some of my pocket letters....I am still a newbie on this one. These are the pocket letters I sent already and hope my pocket letter partner likes it. ^_^


The last time I saw a huge shell was when I was in the Philippines. Well this time a friend and her husband of mine went to a week long vacation somewhere in the south in an island. So they found these huge shells and brought home and gave some to their friends and yepeey I got one. It is beautiful!!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


These place in summer is full of people. One place that you have to visit here in Michigan is the Sleeping Sand Dune. This is part of Empire, Michigan and they call this trail Empire Bluff Trail which I can say super gorgeousness. We are kind of early when we go there we thought the fall colors are at its finest but the change just began.

                                                               The Quietness of it all

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Creek and a Pagoda

A beautiful creek speak it all. The ground is covered with moss and somewhere at the side which was not photograph were flat stones that has wordings on it very cool to walk around and finding those stones and read the inscription. The place is very relaxing and peaceful.

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                                                        The  Japanese Pagoda
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Promise Ring

14kt Two Tone Gold Heart Ring      Ladies, it's almost end of the month of October have you start shopping yet? Or you are the kind of person who will wait for that Black Friday.  Not me!! I am into internet shopping since I find a lot of sales and discounted stuff. Just like what my friend sent to me last night this site it speaks fabulousness check it out  joyjewelers.com/modules/promiserings. Did you check it already? What you find? I find many good stuff to buy specially for my nieces and even my nephew. Well I already pick what I want so it's your turn to shop!! Enjoy!