Things I Love

This year the weather is weird and so the plants. This plant has been in my flower garden for years. One time it blooms but then it stops for two or three years. So every time a sprout came out I take it out from the ground but it keeps on sprouting so this year […]


A Rose

There is a rose. It’s been two years that I am visiting Rose Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan and every time I came to see the rose show I am always amazed by its beauty. In the beginning, I thought roses are hard to take care but I figure it out it is not that […]


I cannot wait to see tulips this year. Last year for the second time I and bunch of friends went to visit Holland, Michigan was they have these Tulips Festival every year. I am posting here a photo of their conservatory.

Happy Valentines day!

Well, it is Valentine’s day again and for years hubby and I celebrate this day in a very simple way. There is no flashing jewelry or any expensive gifts but we do cuddle and say our prayers to each other. Yesterday, we went to Wal-mart to pick some groceries and we saw this beautiful flowers. […]