I am very happy ten more days and I am leaving for the Philippines. I can see my family again and I like to bond with my nieces and nephew more this time. They are not getting younger I know when they reach high school they have their set of friends and they do not like to tag along mothers anymore. That is why for now I like to spend time with them. My nephew is going to be in high school and he told me he is going to be a member of the school band. I do like that for him to do this kind of activity I told him I will support him all the way. He asked me the other day about headphone amplifier guitar center. I tell him I have to look for the name and I will see what I am going to do. He had a long list for me to look and maybe I would buy some that I can afford for now. However, I am happy he had an inclination to music.

Post Author: Lillie Hansen